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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I made that.

I always think it's fun when I encounter my own work in a place I didn't expect to see it. Occasionally I'll be driving around town and see a billboard that I made, whose location I didn't even know. I just look up from the road and bam! There it is. Or, browsing some city newspaper or magazine, I turn the page and some particularly familiar layout presents itself. It sometimes takes a second for me to recognize my own work. haha!

Anyway, I just had particularly poignant example of this phenomenon when I encountered this ad during the morning news. I thought I'd share:

  (I worked on the graphics only, of course, not the actual video production. I did help a tiny bit with the script writing) 

Little occurrences like this make me really grateful for my job and the type of work I get to do in graphic design. I know it's not saving lives or educating the great minds of the next generation, but I enjoy it and I like to think my work has the potential to beautify the world.

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