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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[ a peek inside my sketchbook ]

This past month I seem to be surrounded with unfamiliarity: a new home, new city, new (and  few nearby)  friends. It's been exhilarating, but equally exhausting. This morning I spent some time developing visual ideas that had been been knocking around in my head, and it was comforting to enjoy such a familiar activity that I had been neglecting to do for weeks.

While I was at it, I snapped a few photos of other sketches in this utterly familiar book. Funny that I never realized this before but -- I can hardly call this a "sketch" book if sketching is defined as roughly drawing what I observe.  It's much more a collection of images I see in my head, and now that I look at a bunch of them together, I realize they are more 'cartoons' than 'sketches', but why get technical?

Here you go:


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