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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When I can't create, I imitate

Last night I was feeling particularly unoriginal, so I decided to make it official and just flat out copy the work of someone I admire.  And thanks to a nifty thing called Twitter, I'm never short on awesome people to admire.  One pop artist I've been following, Joe McDermott, became the unwitting target of my reproduction. I really hope he won't mind me drawing out of his deep well of talent. 

Here's my rudimentary attempt at his superb style. I call it Pup Love, my spin on his Pop Love 

Pup Love, Ruthy Stapleton
Pop Love, Joe McDermott

Check out more of Joe's great art hereand buy a print or six. 

Note: this work is done for my own practice and enrichment. It won't be sold or used commercially.


  1. Both pieces are fantastic.

    Nothing is original, anyways. All creative work is derivative.

  2. Stephen hit the nail on the head. To be honest, I think that John Mayer said it best. When somebody mentioned that one of his songs on his second to last album sounded reminiscent of U2, he said something to the tune of (because I can't find the quote), "I try to emulate the sound and style of musicians I really admire and in failing to fully emulate them, I find my own style." I think that's a really cool concept.